• Toby Ward
    Toby Ward

    "Paula and Lisa of Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ have looked after my beloved Toby since I brought him home as a 12 week old pup. Their reliable service and flexibility to accommodate my changing schedule has been invaluable and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Genuine affection and enthusiasm for their pet clients radiates from both Paula and Lisa. Toby is always so happy to see them that I know he loves them too. Add to that the comfort I get from seeing how professionally they run their business means I can go to work guilt free and safe in the knowledge that Toby will be well cared for and happy while I am away. As a first time dog owner I have also appreciated the fact that Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ helps to reinforce Toby’s training and socialization and their dog handling tips have helped boost my own confidence in looking after my new furry companion. I am so happy I found them and I know you will not be disappointed with your experience using Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™.”

    Jackie Ward, Walnut Creek, Ca.

  • Bailey, Zuzu and Georgie
    Bailey, Zuzu and Georgie

    “Paula and Lisa are invaluable to us. Our kitties are “special” – they’re shelter cats – Georgie wants excessive attention, Bailey is very shy and has medical sensitivities, Zuzu has a history of being aggressive when frightened -- but they’re our girls. She’s been able to connect with all three of the kitties in ways that nobody else ever has. Paula’s good with their medications, is meticulous with keeping the house clean and is incredibly responsive to our frequently changing schedule. The automated email reminders and invoices add to the reassurance that they can absolutely be counted on. But mostly, Paula just feels like a trusted friend to our cats. Knowing that our girls are not really alone, when we have to be away, is truly a gift".

    Suzanne Colwell & Karen Carr, Walnut Creek Ca.

  • Friday Madix
    Friday Madix

    "We love Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™! Paula and Lisa provide excellent service with attention to detail that the kennels in the area simply do not. They are caring and know that our pets are an extension of the family. We get a report about each visit and so we know all is well. When we added up the various extra services charged at the kennel, Happy Go Lucky’s price is very competitive. Bonus: our pets get to sleep in their own beds!"

    Pam Madix, Walnut Creek Ca.

  • Bodhi and Jessica Jerrick
    Bodhi and Jessica Jerrick

    Paula and Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ have been a lifesaver for our family! Dealing with hectic travel schedules, Russ and I were always worried about who would care for our 4 year old Lhasa Apso, Bodhi, that is, until we found them! Paula is an exceptional caregiver! She’s always reliable, dedicated and flexible with our ever-changing schedules. She proved to be such a gem of a find in the world of pet care! There is nobody I would trust more than Paula when it comes to pet care. She made Bodhi really feel like part of her family - always caring for him with such enthusiasm, love and attention to detail. We feel so lucky to have Paula as part of our family here in the East Bay! Thank you Paula for making our time away from Bodhi as painless as possible and for your countless hours of care."

    Much love and respect, Russ, Jess, and Bodhi, Walnut Creek, Ca.

  • Levi, Paige and Riley Dunn
    Levi, Paige and Riley Dunn

    “I feel so lucky to have Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ in my life! My two Boxers, Riley & Levi mean the world to me. I hate leaving them and when I have to be away for extended periods of time it’s so nice to know they are in such good hands. There is nothing better than being stress-free when you are away, knowing that your dogs are having fun, getting outside and getting lots of love. Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ is so good with them and I know that my dogs love them because they are very well behaved when with them.”

    Paige Dunn, Walnut Creek, Ca.

  • Porter and Laka Walker
    Porter and Laka Walker

    "Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ is the best care around for your pet sitting needs. We have been with them for several years now and are extremely satisfied with their loving care of our two cats, Laka and Porter. They are very professional and dependable. They make us feel very comfortable about leaving our cats in their care when we go on vacations, short and long. They are very responsive to each of our cats specific needs. They do everything with a heaping spoonful of TLC and at a very reasonable cost - a kennel or vet hospital boarding would cost twice as much! We love getting reading about how much playtime, cuddles and special attention they give to our boys. We trust the love and care of our cats to no one else."

    Shari Walker, Walnut Creek, Ca.

  • Malloy Koehler
    Malloy Koehler

    "Being new to the Bay area, it was a great relief to find such a caring group of professionals. Thank you Paula and Lisa, for your steadfast and trustworthy service as my Dog Walker and Pet Sitter. I've known without a doubt that Malloy is in good hands and your dedication to him is much appreciated. You provided excellent care for Malloy and even assisted with his obedience training. You are always quick to notice if Malloy isn't feeling well and reported and gave recommendations for care with integrity and honesty."

    Vanessa Koehler, Walnut Creek Ca.

  • Maya Tafoya
    Maya Tafoya

    "My husband and I moved from San Francisco to Lafayette two years ago. Paula and Lisa immediately put us at ease during our initial consultation, given their knowledge about dogs and way they interacted with Maya. They are both professional and passionate about pets. They immediately understood our needs and concerns about caring for our English Bulldog (bulldogs need to be carefully watched during warm times of the year so that they don't get overheated). Every day Maya gets extremely excited when Paula comes and we get to come home to a loved, happy, and well-exercised dog!"

    Carol and Keith Tafoya, Lafayette, Ca.

  • Malka Schlesinger
    Malka Schlesinger

    "We cannot praise Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ highly enough for the wonderful service they provide. We have left our Standard Poodle in our home in the care of Lisa a number of times, and couldn't be happier with the result. Lisa is conscientious, well organized and meticulous when she comes to our house to sit and take care of our dog. She is very professional, from always being on time and available by phone, to being completely reliable and carrying out our instructions to the letter. She always goes the extra mile, she even prepares a written Daily Diary for us to see on our return, detailing exactly what transpired on each of her daily visits. Our dog is one of our family members, and of course the most important thing is how well Lisa takes care of her, and how much our dog loves to see her. In addition to going on walks with her, Lisa will also take her out in the garden to play with her Kong. It is very reassuring to us, knowing that our dog is in such capable hands. It is a real pleasure for us to highly recommend Lisa and Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™".

    Collin and Cecile Schlesinger, Alamo, Ca.

  • Phoebe Hume
    Phoebe Hume

    “I don't know what I would have done without Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™! I was going to be away for three weeks and dreaded the thought of trying to find someone willing and able to care for my precious but moody, arthritic, and hyper-vigilant kitty. Phoebe has never accepted anyone else's attention but mine (she is truly a one-woman cat), and the last time I got a pet sitter for her, she was so angry when I got home that she bit me. But Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ was a completely different experience. The care and attention Phoebe received every day from Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ was on her terms, and I could see from the Daily Diary they left me that Phoebe was given lots of love, as well as the space she needed to feel safe and happy. When I got home after having been away for three weeks, I was reunited with a happy, content pet. In addition, Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ took care of my house and garden and did a marvelous job. All of my plants inside and out were thriving, the cat box and surrounding area were clean, the garbage was taken out, the house smelled fresh, and everything was in perfect order. I have never received such service from any pet sitter before. I refer all my friends to Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™, and I will use them again next time I have to travel. They do a marvelous job, and I can go away feeling secure that my little Phoebe will be well cared for and happy when I return.”

    Nancy Hume, Walnut Creek, Ca.

  • Smelser Family
    Smelser Family

    "We moved to Walnut Creek a couple of years ago with our very spoiled and very well loved beagle/basset hound. We don't have children yet, so our dogs are our babies. We had a hard time at first finding a pet care company that had the same philosophy as we have regarding our dogs and the way animals should be treated. Once we found Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ we knew right away that they were the people we wanted to have care for our dogs. They set up a formal meeting with us and they spent an hour asking us questions about Bentley. They are both very professional and you can tell they are serious about their work. They drove up in their work car with paw prints all over it and had matching logo shirts on. We really enjoyed our initial conversation with them. It was a wonderful experience. For the first time, Bentley was a happy dog when we returned home from vacation. With other sitters, he had been really mad at us for days for leaving him. They inform us of the walks they went on, any odd behavior, and how they slept and ate. This peace of mind allows us to fully enjoy our vacation instead of worrying. The sitters are always great guests. They leave the house looking the same or better than it did when we left. They are just wonderful. We are so lucky to have found them. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a hard time leaving their dog at home or in a kennel."

    Shelly Smelser, Walnut Creek, Ca.

  • Wickersham McDiarmid and Paula Rego
    Wickersham McDiarmid and Paula Rego

    “How delighted I am with the opportunity to recommend Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ to you! They provide an exceptional level of dog-walking and pet-sitting services. If you are hoping for someone to love and care for your animal on either a routine basis or in your absence, you have come to the right place! Their attention to your pet’s every need is exemplary. They have more than once responded on very short notice to both pet-sitting and pet care needs of mine. When a last minute weather forecast of heavy storms presented hours before an airline flight of my own, Paula increased her scheduled hours manifold in order to stay with my young dog, Wickersham. Despite the “separation anxiety” that had been occasioned by his recent adoption, Paula quickly bonded with him and provided a sense of security and contentedness that enabled my own peace-of-mind. Such a level of easy “rapport” with animals seemed to me an awfully impressive ability as well! I want you to know that the owners responded in tandem with great dispatch and efficacy when my dog presented with a potential medical emergency and I was simultaneously due at a critical hearing. They could not have been more gracious nor more caring. I have great respect for these young women, both fine human beings!”

    Andrea McDiarmid, Alamo Ca.

  • Shakespear and Romeo Young
    Shakespear and Romeo Young

    "Every pet owner can understand how hard it is to find a pet sitter that you can trust 100% with your pets. I have found that trust in Happy Go Luck Pet Care™. Lisa has been taking care of my boys (2 cats- Romeo, 8 years and Shakespeare, 6 years) for the past year that I have lived in Walnut Creek, and I couldn't be happier. My work requires me to travel several times a month, and knowing that Lisa is making a daily visit to spend time with my boys is such an amazing reassurance. I highly recommend Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ to anyone who is looking for someone who can give their pets that special attention that every pet deserves! Thanks for everything, Lisa!

    Stephanie Young, Walnut Creek Ca.

  • Rocket and Spencer Smith
    Rocket and Spencer Smith

    "Paula and Lisa have been such a great influence on the health of our 3 dogs. Thanks to their daily walk they are happier, more well behaved family members. They are so careful to take into consideration the unique need of each one (a senior, a puppy and a special needs dog). One of the best parts of my day is coming home from work and reading the little daily report, describing how they each did on their walk that day".

    Dana Smith, Walnut Creek, Ca.

  • Sally, Indie and Tinkerbell McCune
    Sally, Indie and Tinkerbell McCune

    "Thanks to Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ we had a wonderful and relaxing vacation. Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ provides a terrific service to our kitty 'kids' and us! I did not worry one minute, and felt very at ease knowing that they made such efforts and strides in connecting with our kitties. I loved hearing how they picked up on each of their quirks and personalities, which was very impressive after only one visit. They truly love animals, and in turn, they are comfortable around their compassion and care. We had a great trip, lots of fun and much needed rest - thanks to Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™!"

    Donna McCune, Pleasant Hill, Ca.

  • Kona Vanderveen
    Kona Vanderveen

    Hi I'm Kona I’m a “full-bodied” Queensland Heeler with a sweet, gentle demeanor and an overall loving personality. I’d recommend Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ to any dog owner. My parents are going away more now because they know that when Paula is with me they do not have to worry and can enjoy their time away. Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ loves me and take care of my needs when my parents are out of town.”

    Kona Vanderveen, Pleasant Hill, Ca.

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